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Introduction to Vocational Universities’ Special Majors大专

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In this paper:Introduction to Vocational Universities Special Majors A Vocational university is a university whose training is orientedtowards effective employment. Therefore, vocational universities have very special qualities and they are in some way b...

Introduction to Vocational Universities’ Special  Majors
A Vocational university is a university whose training is oriented towards effective employment. Therefore, vocational universities have very special qualities and they are in some way better than the undergraduate universities. Below are some important information on vocational universities:
The highest paid majors in vocational universities are Sailing, Marine, Electrical Marine. These majors train ship crew members. Presently, an ocean-going crew's monthly salary is 8,000 yuan to 12,000 yuan.
Chinese medicine acupuncture and massage professional majors are what modern doctors crave for. Among more than 100 college vocational majors opened to foreign students, only this particular major trains doctors who are eligible to obtain licenses, to have qualifications for medical consultations and for medical treatment.
After graduation, a student can decide to create his own company and become a boss; Chinese and Western food cooking major is a breakthrough to all countries in the world, it introduces to the entire world the Chinese cuisines; Mobile Communications majors present so many advantages such as: the possibility for students to make mobile phones, broad bands, create online stores; Automotive Repair and Marketing majors, trains students to set up car sales and repair shops; Design majors trains students to design flats; Professional designing majors trains students in the domain of printing, after graduation, students can open printing companies, etc.
Special industrial employment: China's railways and high-speed railways services are fast developing in many countries. Most host countries often do not have corresponding trained professionals. Railway construction and operation companies most often have to recruit a large number of their own specialists with good wages and benefits. Therefore, you can study rail transit major in China and in turn obtain a China Oriented employment. There are also petro-chemicals, mining mechanics, rehabilitation physiotherapy  majors etc that are available in these vocational universities.

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