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代理申请奖学金Applying for a scholarship

Jiangsu province is not only one of the most developed area of China, but also the area with the most abundant resources of education. The number of universities and students in Jiangsu is ranging the top in China. So we will give priority to schools in Jiangsu to recommend for you.
There are 134 schools in Jiangsu and each has its own rules of the amount of the scholarship, the way to present and the demand of presenting. We will choose the suitable one for the applicants according to their different conditions.
奖学金类型如下The types of scholarship are as below:
A型  免交学费、住宿费,另发给每月的生活费
        B型  免交学费、住宿费,自理杂费、生活费
        C型  免交学费,自理住宿费、杂费、生活费
        D型  免交部分学费、住宿费,自理其余费用
        E型  奖学金数额待定,需要申请
             A. free of tuition, accommodation expenses, Incidentals. Offer monthly living expenses
             B.  free of tuition and accommodation expenses, pay for the Incidentals and living expenses
           C.  free of tuition, pay for accommodation expenses, the Incidentals and living expenses
           D.  free of part of tuition and accommodation expenses, pay for other parts
           E.  the amount of scholarship is uncertain unless submit the application first.
If you have special request for the scholarship type, entity company can help you achieve this web site.

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