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Study in China - Steps for Registration留学中国-报名步骤

Author: huihui Time:2018-01-08 12:04 Source:未知
In this paper:Study in China - Steps for Registration : S tep 1 Afterlogging into the study in , apply online andsubmit applicationform, fill in the form in Chinese orinEnglish and submit. At the level of the school programs , yo...

Study in China -  Steps for Registration:
Step 1
After logging into the study in China website , apply online and submit application form, fill in the form in Chinese or in English and submit. At the level of the school programs, you can select and fill in up to two different programs . The programs are comprised of: 3 years college program , 4 years undergraduate program, masters degree program, doctorate degree program, Chinese language program. Content Description : Are you a winner of a partial scholarship? Is there any designated university? Which majors have you applied for (state them in order of priority)? Fill in you phone contact, wechat \ whatsapp \ face book addresses?
Also send a copy of your passport, school certificates, academic transcripts, application form to:
Step 2
Our website, according to your situation, upon the approval of the university that you applied to and upon admission, is going to send a photo of the admission notice letter to the university.
Step 3
Pay the international courier fees to the designated account of this website (20 US dollars for some South-East Asian countries and 40 US dollars for other countries).Upon receiving the courier fees, this website is going to send the original copies of the admission notice letter and the jw202 visa form to the university.
Step 4
Applicant will receive a courier containing the admission notice letter and the jw202 form, and will individually apply for visa in his/her home country.
Step 5
Applicant has to report to the university in China for registration according to the date mentioned on the admission notice letter. You can buy air tickets and pick up and delivery services in China by consulting the Q & A "How to register in a university in China?” section.
Step 6
Within one week of arrival at the Chinese university, the service fee will be paid to the designated account of this website. The introduction service fee for most "partial scholarships" ranges between 350 US $ to 450 US $, subject to the notice on this website. N.B: Service fee does not include the international courier fees, transfer fees, air tickets, etc.
For further information, please check the website for studying in China: Apply online, submit your application and send your request. It is best to mention your current Chinese proficiency level and your choice of study. You can also send an email to:
从留学中国 首页窗口进入,在线申请-提交报名,用中文或英文填写电子表格并提交。学校种类选择其中2项填写:3年大专、4年本科、硕士研究生、博士研究生、汉语、都可以。内容描述填写部分奖学金是否接受?有无指定学校?申请哪几个专业(按先后顺序排)?注明手机联系的wechat\whatsapp\focebook?
本网 根据你的情况,提交相关学校审批,录取后发给学校录取通知书照片

需要进一步咨询的,请在留学中国 在线申请-提交申请,将你的需求提交,最好注明现有中文程度和学习目的。同时,发送联系邮件给

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