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Guangzhou story of a South African student.一个南非留学生

Author: Time:2018-01-23 13:23 Source:未知
In this paper:来南非前、甚至是我们认识的这一刻之前,我根本没有想象过,我会成为一个黑人主动结识的对象。那是在曼德拉故居。一个矮矮胖胖的黑小伙主动过来打招呼,用的是很标准的普通话...

Before I came to South Africa, even before we knew it, I had never imagined that I would be a black man. It was in mandela's house. A short, fat black man came over to greet him with a standard mandarin: "hey, hello, is this from China?" When I said it was from shenzhen, he changed to cantonese: "I know very little. "
I almost fainted on the spot. A black man who speaks mandarin and cantonese, I've never seen anything like it. Look at the picture. Do you believe he's 37? Li Chen said his wife is 30 years old, and the biggest worry now is that some people will soon think she is li Chen's sister.
The name of li Chen's original name is JOSEPH. Why is it called "li Chen"? He said that "LI" is the Chinese surname, almost every Chinese surname "LI", as for "Chen", he said that he wanted to be an official.
Because many of his friends were rich in Chinese business, li Chen studied Chinese at south China normal university in guangzhou in 2003. He said that you now go to ask the teacher of Chinese normal university, they must still remember "li Chen". After learning a certain degree, he spent most of his time in shenzhen and Hong Kong and began his "gold rush dream".
Li Chen back to South Africa in 2007, began the china-africa trade ", but a lot of life habit in guangdong, still profoundly affects him: he is the most like to eat tomato scrambled eggs, often at home in clay pot soup. When I went to lunch with him, he practiced "white chicken". What's more, the food was served, and the man took the chopsticks and the rice bowl and shoved it into the cup. Seeing the gesture in South Africa made me almost tearful -- as if I had seen a family member. Li said he would have to rinse his dishes before eating at a Chinese restaurant because "it's more authentic."
In four years in China, li Chen's most uncomfortable feeling was that he did not have a Chinese girlfriend. "Chinese girls don't like black people, and they don't like black people... "
Now, li Chen is guiding the African and Asian guests watching the World Cup. "If there is a problem with the host country, China can host the World Cup in three months, and it will be very successful," he said.


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